Private Clinic Zaragoza
Oficina Zaragoza Dr. J.A. Vecino-Ferrer began his activity with acupuncture clinic in the city of Ponferrada (Leon) in 1985. In 1987 he moved to Zaragoza, continuing uninterruptedly this private medical service to date, placing his office on the Pº Contitución 16, 4ºB.

During this time Dr. Vecino has performed more than 10,000 medical records. This makes it one of the longest professional and successful experience in acupuncture. Not only nationally but also in the countries of our cultural environment (West).
Private Clinic Madrid  
clinica madrid

Since March 2013, Dr. Vecino-Ferrer is open office in Madrid. Perfectly coordinated with queries Zaragoza, spends two days a week (Tuesday and Friday) from 9:30 to 20:00.

The office is located in the heart of Madrid, C / Claudio Coello 33, Bajo D (subway Serrano).  It is the ideal environment for the development of acupuncture in all fields, but especially in sports recovery and aesthetics, in these fields, in which Dr. Vecino-Ferrer has extensive experience level.

Red Cross Policlinic  
Cruz Roja Zaragoza In March 1992, by Dr. Vecino is created in the Red Cross Polyclinic in Zaragoza, a service of Acupuncture.

Is primarily aimed at those with low economic resources, who need treatment with acupuncture, and no access to this therapy, not to be included in the Public Health services.

Currently, this service is held in the mornings. Is supervised by Dr. Vecino himself and has the support of specialists, selected from students of Master of Acupuncture from the Zaragoza University.

Plaza de los Sitios, 2 - 50001 Zaragoza
Tel: 976 224 889


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