Private Clinics at Zaragoza and Madrid

Dr. J.A. Vecino-Ferrer began his activity with acupuncture clinic in the city of Ponferrada (Leon) in 1985. In 1987 he moved to Zaragoza, continuing uninterruptedly this private medical service to date, placing his office on the Pº Constitución 16, 4ºB.

During this time Dr. Vecino has performed more than 10,000 medical records. This makes it one of the longest professional and successful experience in acupuncture. Not only nationally but also in the countries of our cultural environment (West).

Since March 2013, Dr. Vecino-Ferrer is open office in Madrid. Perfectly coordinated with queries Zaragoza, spends two days a week (Tuesday and Friday) from 9:30 to 20:00.

The office is located in the heart of Madrid, C / Claudio Coello 33, Bajo D (subway Serrano). It is the ideal environment for the development of acupuncture in all fields, but especially in sports recovery and aesthetics, in these fields, in which Dr. Vecino-Ferrer has extensive experience level.

All this, he has achieved by constant study and incorporation of new and old methods, with an inclusive vision of medicine. Faced with a method of implementation of the Traditional Acupuncture, exclusionary protocols of the Eastern schools, prof. J.A. Vecino conducted the study and incorporation of the large western medicine treatment methods, linking research, practice and the search for mechanisms of action of this therapeutic technique. Thus, he has contributed to that acupuncture is recognized and differentiated as a medical treatment. Therefore, he has achieved great prestige among health professionals, which means that over 60% of their patients are referred by medical colleagues in other specialties.

With the ability he has to apply their knowledge acquired during this time in different schools, Korean acupuncture (experience points), Chinese acupuncture (with ordered diagnostic system) and now, its incorporation to the Contemporary Acupuncture (Electro Functional Neuro-Acupuncture), he gets his therapeutic results are more effective than in the case of professionals that only use traditional acupuncture. To all this, add the computer that is surrounding by therapists trained nursing and physiotherapy. All have been trained in the Master of Acupuncture in Zaragoza given under the supervision of Dr. Vecino own, promoting the best possible treatment and a constant update.

Although the therapeutic application of acupuncture is very broad, in the clinic of Dr. Vecino, optimal results are achieved mainly in the following pathologies:

  • Musculoskeletal: Arthrosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, spur of calcaneus, plantar fasciitis. We must make special mention in the application in Sports Medicine (Recovery of elite athletes).
  • Aesthetic and Cosmetic Medicine: Obesity, lifting and dermatological pathology.
  • Nervous System: Paralysis (facial, stroke, etc..). Neuralgia (Trigeminal, Sciatica, etc.).Headache (migraine, Horton, Arnold, etc..). Vertigo (Meniere's syndrome).
  • Emotional pathologies: Depression, Insomnia, Anxiety, Stress ...
  • Other: Allergies, Diabetes II, Hypertension.

The Clinic has a turn of the Physiotherapy Service, thus extending the offer to their patients.



The first phase of any treatment is based on the diagnosis. The first mistake you can commit to evaluate a symptom or a patient's label from the beginning, based precisely on the symptoms.
It is necessary to receive information from the symptoms but without interpreting it. We can not interpret it to have enough information. We can not give a name to the process, simply based on personal experience of the patient (subjective).
The key word is FUNCTIONAL. The method is based almost diagnostic manual palpation and observation of the movement (most sophisticated study of the locomotor and pain).
It is also important to know the objectives. That is, from the situation presented by the patient as far as the patient wants and we can go. That is what we would like the patient could do, which can not now. What are their functional difficulties (pain when initiating motion after a prolonged rest, pain to remain static, etc.). In short, is to get the most functional in the patient, from the moment you arrive to our clinic.


Contemporary Medical Acupuncture is defined as a reflex therapy in which, by stimulating the peripheral nervous system with acupuncture needles and electrical stimulators, they try to induce neuro-modulatory responses useful for the treatment of pain and / or functional problems or systemic regulation. These responses are mediated neuro-modulator in the first instance by the central nervous system, the autonomic system and the peripheral nervous system. In some of these responses, and always on appeal, also acts as an endocrine effectors and / or immune system.

Especially useful in the treatment of diseases of the locomotor system, the ultimate goal of treatment is to restore the full functionality of the body, resulting in an indirect way the disappearance of symptoms. For example: It is not as important to remove the pain, how to fix the process or cause that produces it. Often these processes are limited simply to poor body alignment, by the presence of contractures or muscle inhibition maintained.

Although this technique is indicated in any process of osteo-articular system (osteoarthritis, sciatica, etc..), Which achieves excellent results in the recovery and treatment of sports injuries. By not requiring, in most cases, drug treatment, is an ideal method in the recovery of athletes, as it avoids the risk of positive doping tests, some medications can give.

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