Degree in medicine from the University of Zaragoza (1985). Doctorate in 1995 from the same university. (M.D. & Ph.D)
Started in the world of acupuncture in 1983, working since 1985 in private practice of acupuncture.
Grant from the Spanish Health Ministry and a graduate in acupuncture by the International Institute of TCM. Beijing (1991).
Since 1992, Head of Acupuncture Red Cross Polyclinic Zaragoza.
Since 2011 Head of the Electro-Acupuncture Clinic of Zaragoza Mompellier
Since 1993 linked to the University of Zaragoza as a teacher of graduate courses in acupuncture, which since 1998 has become the Master's Degree in Acupuncture for medical graduates.
Collaboration with the Department of Animal Pathology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine through the organization of Veterinary Acupuncture courses, participating in research projects on acupuncture, especially in the action of acupuncture on the metabolism of calcium, coordinating Veterinary Acupuncture Clinic in that department.
Since 1999 Associate Professor of the University of Zaragoza, giving the Course of Acupuncture choice within the medical degree.
Teacher in charge of the doctoral programs on Acupuncture, participating in various research projects on acupuncture, highlighting the consid Project on bone fracture treatment with acupuncture (first research project in Acupuncture, funded by the Ministry of Research and Universities in Spain .)
Research on Acupuncture in diseases of the osteoarticular apparatus.
Currently professor of anatomy and Acupuncture Bioscopica, optional subject of the undergraduate program of Medicine of the University of Zaragoza.
Director-Professor of the Master of Acupuncture from the University of Zaragoza.
Director-Professor of Veterinary Acupuncture Graduate of the University of Zaragoza.
Organizer of numerous scientific meetings on acupuncture in Zaragoza, highlighting, including the Spanish-Chinese Conference of Acupuncture and TCM., In collaboration with various institutions and Chinese companies, and there have been six editions.
In 1999 President of the Organizing Committee of the First Congress of Acupuncture Spanish Interuniversity held in Zaragoza.
Teacher-guest in the Master of Acupuncture from the universities of Granada, Seville, Complutense de Madrid, Porto (Portugal), Coimbra (Portugal), U. McMaster-Hamilton (Canada).
Guest speaker for various universities, scientific societies and foreign medical institutions: U. Columbia (New York-USA) Betestha NIH (USA), China Medical University, Beijing (first Spanish teacher who has taught at the university), San Juan, Puerto Rico (Medical Acupuncture Association of Puerto Rico and the Foundation for Continuing Medical Education).
An invited speaker at numerous conferences, in addition to Spain, in countries like Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Brazil, USA, China, Canada, etc..
Guest Lecturer in the Department of Medical Rehabilitation Research Center of National Institute of Health (NIH), Bethesda, Maryland (USA).
Author of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture.
Partner in several medical books, with subjects Acupuncture.
Having published numerous articles on acupuncture in national and international magazines.
Member of the Scientific Editorial Board of the International Journal of Acupuncture.
Founder and former President of the Section of Acupuncture Medical Association of Zaragoza.
Clinical practice since 1983, with more than 10,000 medical records.

The recognition of acupuncture as a specialty does not depend on public demand, or statistical studies based on the evolution of our patients, or how cheap it is your application. Or whether interested or not the pharmaceutical companies. That would be fooling ourselves.

Acupuncture can be specialization when competing with any other area of medicine through research, to follow the same scientific method as for any other specialty.And it is our mission the maximum rigor require us to demonstrate, not only efficacy but also the mechanism of action of these effects, honoring to our status as scientists.

Dr. J. A. Vecino Ferrer

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