Definition and Diferentiation of Acupuncture
Acupuncture is a therapeutic technique included in the set of the known traditional Chinese medicine, which involves stimulation through a stainless steel needle (acupuncture needle typical) at a very specific points of the skin that can be defined as " acupoints ".
Besides needles are also used other therapeutic methods such as moxibustion (heat application), the Electro-acupuncture (electrical stimulation).
Another feature of acupuncture that makes it different from Western Medicine, is one of the diagnostic methods used, observation of the tongue and pulse taking, .. etc., Which add to the usual diagnostic techniques, a more specific assessment of different pathological processes.
Most acupuncturists work specifically for different theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine (over 5,000 years old).
However, not to mention the source as a reference even all that now remains to be proven, a few doctors, acupuncturists in the world consider it our duty as scientists is to adapt this ancient medicine to Western concepts and all through of an investigation under an eminently critical and scientific method that guarantees our practice.
We advocate the regulation of their studies through a Master's Degree and subjects included in undergraduate studies, a clinical practice regulated by the health administration and professional associations, and a serious and rigorous research that allows us to compare with other professionals in our environment without the hackneyed war of "official and alternative medicines." Only one MEDICINE.
Based on the fact that acupuncture is nothing more than a stimulation of peripheral nerves, and that all functions of our body is made taking as mediators to these nerves (motor, sensory and vegetative), acupuncture can be defined as a perfectly NEUROMODULATION system that helps our body to recover from imbalances (disease).
To achieve desired therapeutic effect that we do through perfect knowledge of the nervous system and its relation to the different functions and areas to be treated. The knowledge of Chinese Tradition, we add the whole concept of the anatomo-physiology of the nervous system from a Western perspective, so the success rate in treatment is much higher.

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