Result of their teaching and research, Dr. Vecino has exhibited his experience and knowledge in different publications. Both books, as articles in various scientific journals, are his contribution to the disclosure and teaching of acupuncture.

His first book is "AcupunturaTradicional China" (Mira editors). It corresponds to the result of more than 20,000 teaching hours in acupuncture, and it serves text-guide for their students, in the second year of Master of Acupuncture from the University of Zaragoza. In his day, was the leader in Spanish, the techniques of diagnosis and differential diagnosis in acupuncture for many Spanish-speaking acupuncturists.

Another important collaboration is their contribution in the book "Traumatology and Orthopedics of Small Animals"by Prof. Sanchez-Valverde (McGraw-Hill). Dr. Vecino participates in the chapter "Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation", bringing their experiences on the benefits of acupuncture in the evolution of animals with osteo-articular pathology.

You can add different publications of articles on the subject and acupuncture.

Dr.Vecino belongs to the Editorial Committee and International Acupuncture (Spanish version of the German edition "Akupunktur").

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