In 1999, Professor Vecino was President of the Organizing Committee of the First Congress of Acupuncture Interuniversity Spanish, held in Zaragoza. The conference coincided in its development with the Third European Congress of Acupuncture. The level reached in Congress, both by the number of participants, as guest speakers, was a "milestone"never before achieved in our country. Attended by speakers representing most European universities, which at that moment taught acupuncture. Besides Spanish universities (Seville, Madrid, Santiago de Compostela, Granada and Zaragoza), were represented countries like Italy, France, Austria, Aemania, Ireland, England, England, Finland, Belgium and Portugal. To those who joined, prof. Omura (USA) and prof. Kang Shou Lu (China).

Since 1994 and sponsored by Knowledge Area Acupuncture Zaragoza Medical School, have been organizing the "MeetingsHispano-Chinese Acupuncture and TCHM".They have the cooperation of several Chinese companies and institutions. Currently, they have already held 6 issues. They present various conferences and work done in recent years, both Chinese and Spanish doctors. Lectures are given 12 (6 Chinese teachers and 6 Spanish teachers). This will entrench the bonds of cooperation between the two countries and enhances continuous training in acupuncture, in our professionals. Dr. Vecino, is the Director of such events.

Besides the different organization and direction of Congress, Prof. Vecino has participated as guest speaker in many prestigious conferences worldwide. Among other countries, besides Spain, Latvia, Itaia, Portugal, Brazil, Puerto Rico and Canada. The major interventions have been in the Congress on Education held in Beijing in Acupuncture (China) in 2002 and 2006, representing the Spanish university teachers. Also been invited at the 15th Annual International Symposium on Acupuncture &ElectroTherapetics, held at Columbia University in New York (1999).

He has lectured at various medical forums, getting to explain the connections of Traditional Acupuncture with Neuro Physiology. So, he has facilitated the understanding of acupuncture to those doctors who only saw in this an activity close to the "Folk Medicine".

Thus, at present, doctors from different specialties, ask the cooperation of the physicians-acupuncturists and they advise their patients to acupuncture.
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