Promoted by Dr.Vecino, since 1992 the Department of Morphological Sciences (now Human Anatomy and Histology), School of Medicine of Zaragoza University, is developing an area of study in Acupuncture.

In this area develop different aspects: a subject (undergraduate), doctoral programs, research projects (in collaboration with Department of Animal Pathology, Veterinary School) and the programming of acupuncture courses, aimed at doctors and professionals of health. Courses from 200 to 300 hours. And since 1998 has introduced the Master of Acupuncture.


Promoted by the Dr.Vecino in 2002 is created in the School of Medicine, University of Zaragoza, the first subject of acupuncture in a Spanish university, which is included in the studies of medicine degree.

This is an elective course with a total of 6 credits (60 hours).
Adjusting to the requirements of the Bologna, already included in the Degree of Medicine of this University with 4 credits ECS, from 9th grade semester.

In all cases, the Prof.Vecino was the teacher in charge of the subject.

During this time, have passed through the classrooms, courses between them, more than 700 students. All of them, now doctors who already have knowledge of the possible applications of acupuncture.


Was approved in 1998 at the University of Zaragoza the creation of the Master of Acupuncture for medical graduates. In turn, the University of Zaragoza is the pioneer in creating Potgrado Technician Course in Acupuncture, average, and aimed at professionals in nursing and physiotherapy. The intention was to regulate the practice of acupuncture on two levels higher (medical) and medium (nursing and physiotherapy).

Since 2008, both courses have been merged into a single Master of Acupuncture, aimed at all professionals Health Sciences.

In this course participants over 25 Spanish and foreign professors. Over the years, more than 300 students have passed through these courses. The students come mostly of Spain (Catalonia, Basque Country, Castilla Leon, Madrid, Navarre, Canary Islands, and especially Aragón). But also foreign students have come to the Master (Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, France, Italy, Portugal and China).

Upon completion of the Master, students have the option to attend a period of practice in Chinese hospitals. This is possible, by agreement between the Universities of Zaragoza and Beijing.

Because of the skills and preparation of our students, they can practice with patients from the start, to begin their stay in these hospitals.

Associated with these courses, "MeetingsHispano-Chinese Acupuncture and TCHM" have been developed annually since 1993. These have always been held in collaboration with various Chinese medical societies and with the participation of over 100 Chinese medical doctors and over 1000 Spanish during this time. These meetings have allowed the exchange of experiences of both countries in the field of acupuncture.

The valuation of teachers at the end of this Master, is highly regarded. The valuation made by the students than the remarkably high (75%).


In 1993, Dr.Vecino began collaborating with the Department of Animal Pathology, Surgery Service, Veterinary School of Zaragoza.

In the beginning, using acupuncture in dogs with degenerative joint problems (arthritis, hip dysplasia, wobbler syndrome, etc.).. Following the success in the results, the Department established a unit Acupuncture, currently maintained at the Veterinary Hospital of the School.

While it was developing an area of study of acupuncture as an adjunct to conventional veterinary medicine. His line of work has three approaches. For a clinical side, the existence of a Service-Veterinary Acupuncture open to the public, and today is managed by veterinarians, sprung from the first cohorts of students in courses taught Veterinary Acupuncture, the Prof.Vecino.

Second, an online researcher, developing different research projects among which a project "CONSI+ D", having recently given us the status of Emergent Group research by the Ministry of Education, Government of Aragon.

Finally, another of the actions undertaken have been programming a series of courses aimed at Department of Veterinary Graduates. The objective of this program is to provide veterinarians the opportunity to learn in depth the basis of acupuncture, in order to apply these techniques correctly, giving the applicant market professionals who master a treatment system that significantly increase the therapeutic possibilities.
Have now been developed XII editions, with a total of 120 students (of all Spain and countries like Mexico, Colombia and Portugal).
Fotografía 1: Primera promocion del Master de Acupuntura Universidad de Zaragoza (1998-2000)
Fotografía 2: Momento de entrega de los titulo Master (Universidad de Zaragoza
Fotografía 3: Alumnos asistiendo a una de las sesiones de trabajo. Hospital del Instituto de Medicina
Fotografía 4: Paciente tratado por uno de los alumnos del Master, durante su estancia de practicas en China.
Fotografía 5: Firma de los Acuerdos entre las Universidades de Zaragoza y MTCH de Beijing.
Fotografías 6 y 7: Clinica de Acupuntura Veterinaria. (Hospital Veterinario-Universidad de Zaragoza).
Fotografía 8: Curso de Acupuntura Veterinaria. (Universidad de Zaragoza).
Fotografía 9: Dr. JorgeGonçalves (Oporto). Seminario de Laserpuntura en el Master de Zaragoza.

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