Seminars y Courses
The teaching of Dr.Vecino not limited their participation in the Zaragoza University.

In addition to giving seminars and courses sponsored by organizations like Red Cross, Medical Colleges, etc., Dr.Vecino has been invited to teach at important and prestigious universities.

Throughout his professional career, has worked as a visiting professor in the Master of Acupuncture from the Spanish universities of Seville, Granada and Complutense de Madrid.

Also at universities in Portugal, Porto and Coimbra for example.
He has been a visiting professor, in turn, in the 15th Annual International Symposium on Acupuncture &Electro-Therapeutics. Columbia University. New York (USA).

Since 2001, he has collaborated with the Medical Acupuncture Association of Puerto Rico and the Foundation for Continuing Medical Education of Puerto Rico, providing the continuing education courses, required of professionals in the country, for the renewal of your professional license (Board of Medical Examiners of Puerto Rico - TEM).

In closing, Dr.Vecino was the first Spanish professor invited to teach a lesson of acupuncture, the University of Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine does.
Fotografía 1: Congreso Mundial de Medicina Fisica y
Rehabilitación. Sao Paulo-2005

Fotografía 2: II Congreso Internacional de Acupuntura Medica
(Sociedad Portuguesa). Azores 2005

Fotografía 3: Seminario de Formación Continuada en
Acupuntura. Hospital Auxilio Mutuo. San Juan de Puerto Rico

Fotografía 4: El prof. Vecino impartiendo la clase "Acupuncture
and Traumatopathies". Universidad de MTCH de Beijing (2002)

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