In addition to their expertise in Acupuncture, Prof.Vecino is recognized as a great communicator.
He has collaborated with various institutions, lecturing informative. Your participation in media, radio and television, as a guest on talk shows and in print, through dissemination of articles of acupuncture. That way has helped the medical knowledge of this technique, which for most of the offering was unknown.

He has lectured at various medical forums, getting to explain the connections of Traditional Acupuncture with Neuro Physiology. So, he has facilitated the understanding of acupuncture to those doctors who only saw in this an activity close to the "Folk Medicine".

Thus, at present, doctors from different specialties, ask the cooperation of the physicians-acupuncturists and they advise their patients to acupuncture.
Fotografía 1: 1er Congreso Internacional de Acupuntura (San
Juan de Puerto Rico 2008)

Fotografía 2: Clase Inaugural de los Cursos del Instituto de
Ciencias Biomedicas Abel Salazar. Porto (Portugal)

Fotografía 3: The 18th Annual AAMA Symposium and the

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